There is an escalating culture war in America.

In Texas, during 2009 and 2010, the left attacked, starting an important battle in the culture war -- its War on History in Texas public schools.

There are two conflicting approaches to teaching U.S. history.

The left opts for portraying America as an oppressive, exploitative, racist, imperialistic country, attempting to indoctrinate students that there is inadequate "social justice", that opportunities for all do not exist, and that increased dependency on a socialist / Marxist government is the solution.

By contrast, mainstream Texans believe that America's good far outweighs her bad. Our founding principles, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our strong roots in Western Civilization, and our free market economy are the basis for 200-plus years of American exceptionalism and her greatness and leadership in the world. These principles should be the foundation for teaching U.S. history in our public schools.

Bill Ames was in the trenches throughout the left's War on History.

His book, Texas Trounces the Left's War on History, tells the true story, free of media bias, of how the standards were developed. The book emphasizes the extremist agenda of leftist educators and their media allies.

Finally, it reveals how conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education, along with support from hundreds of mainstream Texas citizens, rejected the left's attempt to hijack history.

Texas won. The result is a standards framework that teaches our students to be proud Americans, rather than viewing America through the leftists' prism of contempt.