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The cover illustration for Texas Trounces the Left's War on History is original mixed media art created by Lynette (Lynka) Ames specifically for the book cover.  The illustration is a microcosm of the story told in the book.  See text below the illustration for a detailed description.
The lower portion describes the negative version of history as proposed by educators, the "experts" on the U.S. history review panel.
In the lower portion we see the actions of the review panel. Starting in the upper left hand corner and moving clockwise, we observe the following:
A review panel educator’s comment, “We don’t teach values in public schools”.
The “Save our History” demonstration by University of Texas students, “useful idiots” acting out the agenda of their leftist professors.
The “Where is Jefferson” lie, started by an Austin-based publication, and enjoying a viral media feeding frenzy that went as far as the Washington Post and the New York Times.
The removal of the Liberty Bell from the proposed standards.
The de-emphasis of free enterprise in favor of big government.
The contemporary “separation of church and state”, as opposed to the actual language of the First Amendment.
Social upheaval caused by race, gender, and class warfare.
The emphasis on global citizenship, as opposed to American citizenship, as proposed by review panels in the kindergarten and first grade standards.
The review panel’s insistence that the U.S. is an imperialist country.
The removal of Christmas, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day from the standards.
And finally, the contention that the notion of American exceptionalism is a “bogus myth”.
Keep in mind that the SBOE Democrats kept referring to these people as “experts”!
The upper portion of the illustration depicts the traditional view of American history, and reveals the SBOE conservatives’ exercise of adult supervision over the review panel, providing balance to the panel’s biased input.
Again starting from the upper left, they restored the Liberty Bell to the standards.
By including the Celebrate Freedom Week principles, they introduced study of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence into the standards. The review panel had ignored study of both documents.
The benefits of our free enterprise system were added, as symbolized by the Texas flag and an oil derrick.
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, was included four times across the social studies standards, in spite of the fact that leftists claimed that he had been removed.
The mottos, “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unim” were included by the SBOE conservatives.
The Christian church and Menorah depict our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage, de-emphasized by the review panel, but re-instated by SBOE conservatives.
The Christmas tree depicts the re-insertion of the Christmas holiday in the standards.
President Ronald Reagan’s leadership, peace through strength, and Reaganomics was added to provide balance with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal.
U. S. space exploration was restored to the standards. The review panel had removed Neil Armstrong.
Patriotism and the contributions of the U. S. military were restored, depicted here by the flag raising on Iwo Jima.
These, and many other incidences of conservative versus leftist ideology, are described in Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History.