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In describing the purpose for writing his New York Times best seller, A Patriot’s History of the United States, Dr. Larry Schweikart wrote about how the story of American History has drifted leftward for the past half century.
Deliberate revisionism by leftist textbook author “experts” has been coupled with the steady assault of race, class, and gender topics. As the result, the true story of American exceptionalism has been replaced with “oppressed/oppressor” scholarship, creating an unmistakably leftist, and negative, bias in American history textbooks.
During 2002, Bill Ames reviewed the Glencoe McGraw-Hill textbook, The American Republic Since 1877, as a volunteer reviewer during the Texas State Board of Education’s textbook adoption process. He found Dr. Schweikart’s conclusions to be true.
Although Ames was able to negotiate some 100 changes to the textbook as a condition of its approval by the SBOE, he realized that the battle should be fought at the standards level, rather than at the textbook level, since the standards drive content for all the 200-plus textbooks in a typical social studies approval cycle.
Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History is about how education, media, and legislator leftists attempted to dominate the standards process, and continue to portray America through their prism of contempt.
The book describes how they lost.
And how Texas won.