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Bill Ames grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1962, with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.
Bill completed his 27 year career in IBM management in 1992.
During the 1990s, Bill & wife Lynette became political activists.
They have been involved in gun rights, property rights, and opposing illegal immigration.
Bill was very active in the Texas social studies textbook review cycle in 2002. He personally reviewed two books in detail, and recommended over 200 changes to the publisher, some 100 of which were accepted. Most of the changes made were traceable to flawed social studies standards.
In 2009, Bill therefore became a member of a United States history standards review panel, missioned to review and rewrite history standards for the 11th grade course. His efforts in this project earned him a leadership position, successfully fighting against the leftist education lobby’s agenda to transfer its overall contempt for America to a generation of Texas students.
Bill concludes that individual activists, armed with determination and conviction, can truly make a difference in fighting the cultural decline that America faces today.