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Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History:

Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History
is about how education, media, and legislator leftists attempted to dominate the standards process, and continue to portray America through their prism of contempt.

The book describes how they lost.

And how Texas won.

See excerpt below.

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Excerpt from Texas Trounces the Left's War on History

A Wall Street Journal column, published March 28, 2002 during the debate over that year’s review of social studies textbooks, clearly revealed the left’s agenda.

“Nothing about public involvement is reasonable as far as the Texas school board’s Democrat members are concerned.

“Having gotten used to exercising power over what is fed to impressionable minds, Ms. (Mary Helen) Berlanga and (her Democrat SBOE) allies are loath to give it up.”

“‘Groups of (right wing) extremists are organized in an attempt to censor our textbooks by removing material that is unacceptable to them’, Ms. Berlanga, an SBOE member and a voice of the liberal faction, bawled recently.”
However, Ms. Berlanga was not bawling early in 2009 when the (leftist) Texas Freedom Network insisted on censorship of any classroom discussion questioning the validity of Darwin’s evolution theory.

The double standard is not surprising.

The left’s allegations of censorship and extremism emerge only when its own ox is being gored.

After the approval of the history standards, Ms. Berlanga and the Texas Freedom Network’s Kathy Miller were further characterized in a September 16, 2010 Washington Post article, as attempting to rewrite history “victim by victim”.